A popular Abbey Wood coffee shop currently facing closure is fighting back after rallying support from hundreds of loyal customers.

Owner of the Abbey Good Coffee start-up, Amal Abdi, was recently served with a notice from Bexley Council to vacate her quaint coffee stall after a number of contracted conditions were allegedly breached.

Speaking further on this, a council spokeswoman said: "We have been in contact with Ms Abdi and her solicitors over the Abbey Good coffee shop for the past two months following a number of meetings.

"She has, unfortunately breached a number of obligations set out in her contract.

"We contacted Ms Abdi in September last year about these issues, but she has not addressed them.

"Because of this we had no choice but to give notice to Ms Abdi and to begin the search for a new contractor to take on the café.

"We are disappointed that things have reached this stage, but we have to ensure that we always get the best possible value for our residents.

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However, Ms Abdi has since released a public statement in which she claims that the "breach" which the council are referring to is in regards to money earned through catering services provided to the nearby Lesnes Lodge.

"I strongly disagree with the Council’s decision to terminate the contract and the rationale behind it.

"The agreement has always been flexible in terms of obligations for both parties and relies on a good working relationship for growth, opportunity and delivery of an excellent service to the community.

"However there has been a breakdown in communication and issues that arose became difficult to resolve.

"There has been minor insignificant disagreement with regards to the revenue generated from catering. For those who are not aware, I have provided food for several events held in the Lodge next door. "If the Council and I can agree ways to utilise the Lodge more often, I am happy to discuss options," said Ms Abdi.

News Shopper:

Owner of Abbey Good Coffee, Amal Abdi

Speaking to News Shopper. Ms Abdi said she fears for her young staff who may potentially lose their jobs due to the council's decision and is calling on concerned residents to

sign her petition, which has garnered hundreds of signatures in less than a week


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"We started this business from scratch. I employ local people and for most of them it’s their first job.

"During school holidays, we open 7 days a week and we have a great rapport with the the community.

"There are three young people who are going to lose their summer jobs now because of this," she said.

Since opening the Lesnes Abbey coffee dock in 2017, Ms Abdi explained that they were forced to overcome some "operational issues" to get Abbey Good Coffee to the standard it's reached today and that it "makes no sense" to close them down now.

Ms Abdi has since said that she plans to go back to the council with new proposals in a bid to save her business which has been given a final opening date of May 31.