A pair of Bexley mums who are looking to revolutionise the baby food industry believe that they hold the right recipe for success. 

Jordan Sadler, 31 and of Welling, along with her business partner Cassie Whitehouse-Rosegreen, 32 and of Bexley Village, recently launched their own brand of baby weening meals with the aim of providing fresh, nutritious food for busy families.

The self proclaimed Mini-Foodie mummies said the idea to start their own business was born of their joint passion for food, as Cassie had spent years working within the restaurant industry and Jordan had built a following through her own food blog. 

"We’re two mums with four boys between us.

"We just put our heads together and had this dream of putting our passion for food to good use," said Cassie. 

Mini Foodie meals are prepared by hand at the duo's production kitchen based in the borough, before being frozen and shipped out to customers.

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"We’re a different brand on the market because often a lot of the baby food you buy is bland or colourless.

"We don’t do bland so why should our Mini Foodies?," said Jordan.

Although they both come from the same area, the culinary comrades first met eachother through their husbands who, according to Jordan, have been extremly supportive of their latest venture.

"Now we’re actually living the dream and it’s amazing because all of our family have been really supportive.

"I think that they’re (their husbands) living the dream as well cause their two wives are now always out working!," she joked.

Following a successful launch event on Saturday, April 28, Jordan and Cassie are now seeking further success as they continue their plan to become a nationwide household name.

More info on Mini Foodies can be found here.