A couple accustomed to living a quiet life in Biggin Hill are still struggling months after their home of 35 years was raided by thugs.

William Conroy, 70, was reading the News Shopper last week about a heartbroken couple in Biggin Hill whose home was targeted in the same area.

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"It was strikingly similar to ours," William told this newspaper.

William’s family home in Dowding Road, where he has lived with his wife since 1984, was bugled back in January.

However, nothing ever came of the investigation.

"I’m quite upset about it," William said. "I’m still pursuing it and not letting it slip."

The couple, married almost 49 years, rarely leave the house and the furthest they go is to the shops or hospital.

"The one day we were not there, and this happened," William said.

His wife, 68, suffers from severe anxiety and had to go to the Princess Royal University Hospital the day of the burglary (January 29) after complications with a gall bladder removal.

William returned home that night at around 11.15pm and despite noticing the light on in their upstairs bedroom, thought nothing was amiss.

"I gave my wife a ring to say I got home ok," William said. "I walked into the lounge and there was a gaping hole in the glass window.

"I presumed something was thrown and not for one minute did I think I was broken into. But I looked around and noticed footprints on the carpet.

"It dawned on me and I phoned the police straight away. I was so scared."

Police advised him to stay by the front door until they arrived.

Once given the all clear by officers, William learned that his bedroom had also been "turned over".

He said: "I was sickened and deeply upset. It is difficult to talk about it. Just the violation of it."

A jewellery box had been emptied, which contained his wife’s engagement ring. She not been wearing it because of weight loss.

Also snatched were her mum and dad’s wedding rings, a nan’s wedding ring, sentimental pendants and passports.

"I didn’t tell her for a week," admitted William. "I had to keep it to myself. She was in hospital all week and it was only the day they discharged her. I had my daughter and granddaughter with us."

William said residents in Biggin Hill were now feeling "quite vulnerable" and everyone has strived to up security.

CCTV cameras have now been fitted into William’s home and he said "someone out there knows something" as he continues to investigate what happened.