A mum has recalled her horror after waking up to find a murdered cat outside her front door in Farnborough.

The woman, 45, contacted News Shopper after reading how the so-called 'Croydon Cat Killer' may have struck twice in State Farm Avenue.

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The story inspired the resident, who wished to remain anonymous, to share her experience last month (March 15).

"The ironic thing is we are all quite neighbourly around here and a group of girls went to a neighbour’s house on the Friday," the mum, who lives in State Farm Avenue, told News Shopper.

"I was home by midnight and there was nothing on my driveway."

However, at 7am the following morning, the woman was left shocked after finding a dead wet cat outside her home of 15 years.

The alarm was raised when a concerned neighbour rang to inform her that there was something suspicious outside her house.

She said: "It was a dry morning, but the cat was soaking wet and the head was still attached but was facing the opposite way from the body.

"The tail was completely sliced off. If it was hit by a car there was no way it would have managed to get to my house.

She added: "It was a shock that there is some nutter in the area doing this."

The mum said she was relived her daughters did not see the body and she was in no doubt that a human was responsible.

"No way could it have been a fox," she said. "The tail was too cleanly cut and the head was twisted right around."

The mother, who still doesn’t know who owned the cat, contacted her vet who later confirmed the death was suspicious.

She also reported the incident to South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), who have been investigating hundreds of pet deaths.

Just a few weeks after the incident, another dead cat was found in the same suburban area on April 19.