A Downham mum is abseiling 160 feet off a hospital building for the "absolutely amazing" staff who saved her baby’s life.

Casey Muller, 28, said everything was going to plan while giving birth to baby Alfie in May of 2017.

"It was all going perfectly," Casey told News Shopper. "I was screaming at my husband and the poor midwives and they were monitoring his heart rate and it was perfectly fine."

However, little Alfie was unable to breathe after being born in Princess Royal University Hospital.

Mum Casey had to wait over two hours to see her new son for the first time after he was rushed to treatment.

The baby was put into an intensive care unit and had to wait to be transported to Evelina Children’s Hospital that night.

"It was incredibly scary," Casey said. "It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Was he going to live? Were we ever going to take him home?"

The anxious couple arrived at the new hospital the next day where a doctor explained that they were worried Alfie wasn’t going to make it through the night.

He had suffered a hypoxic brain injury and was placed in a water-cooled jacket for 72 hours.

Casey recalled the time being a blur, but she remembers staying in control.

"In my eyes if I was a wreck it would have done no good," she said.

Little Alfie spent four and a half weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit before being looked after in a ward for a week and a half.

The day then finally came where Alfie was able to go home with his mummy, daddy and big sister after almost six weeks.

News Shopper:

"It was absolutely amazing," Casey said. "We thought it might never happen."

Almost two years on and Alfie is surprising his parents every day with how well he is doing.

Mum Casey said: "He is just wonderful. He can be a grumpy little sausage like any toddler and can be lovely and happy and trouble and cheeky.

"His grips are getting better and he is getting stronger."

Alfie is severely brain damaged and it is likely he will never be able to walk or talk.

However, Casey said he communicates in his own way and said he loves his big sister Charlotte more than anything in the world.

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She was inspired to do the annual abseiling challenge off the St Thomas’ Hospital building because of the care she received at Evelina.

"The care was so personal," she said. "It takes a real special person to work in that environment.

"They became part of your everyday. It was silly things like chatting to you about the day."

Casey said she was excited for the daredevil challenge on May 10, which is just days before Alfie's second birthday.

"To be honest I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m telling people I am throwing myself of the side of the building," she laughed.

"Maybe I will be a little nervous when I’m up there. But in theory I don’t fear heights."

Casey has so far raised almost £500 for the challenge.

She is abseiling with her cousin, Charley, who is a nurse at the children's hospital.

Dr Rahul Singh, consultant paediatric neurologist at Evelina London, said the Muller’s were an "amazing family".

He added: "Alfie needed specialised treatment in our neonatal unit and his parents were very patient and understanding. I wish Alfie and his family all the best."