A heartbroken couple has been left "completely devastated" after their home was ransacked of precious family war medals and custom made wedding rings.

The house in Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, was left in a "complete state" when a "scumbag" raided it while the occupants were away.

Amy Clair Thrower said her dad, Martyn, left for work on April 9 before returning home to find his house turned upside down.

"My dad phoned me, and mum was next to me at the time," Amy told News Shopper. "He was in tears."

She described her parent's room being "absolutely ripped to pieces" and advised others to never hide jewellery in their bedrooms.

"They pulled out every item from the wardrobes," Amy said. "They knew exactly what they were looking for."

Martyn and Jenny first met when they both worked as jewellers.

Amy said around 50 years of gifts that her dad ever bought or made for her mum were stolen including her engagement ring.

"One ring was particularly sentimental," she said. "It was designed and made by dad before they got married.

"Mum wore it on her wedding day."

Her favourite piece of jewellery is an 18ct diamond square gold ring, which she also wore to her daughter's weddings.

Amy, who lives in Orpington, said her mum planned to one day give the priceless rings to her grandchildren.

Also taken was her great grandfather’s war medals engraved with his name, J Cheesewright.

"He fought in the First World War and for him to go to war for his country to have them stolen by an absolutely scumbag is heartbeaking," Amy said.

She is now appealing to get the sentimental items returned, which includes her dad's wedding ring.

"Please, please keep an eye out for them. Please let me know if you are in any doubt."

Amy described the people of Jail Lane being "ever so kind" since the burglary and thanked neighbours who have shared CCTV.

The CCTV shows a dark blue Ford Focus with tinted black windows and "black ST style aftermarket wheels". It is seen driving away from the home after the suspected thief returns to the car before being driven away.

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News Shopper has contacted the Met Police for more information.

Below is the list of items that have been taken as outlined by Amy:

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