On a sunny April day at the stroke of noon, The White Hart Pub on New Cross Road opens its doors for a day of trading.

The boozer is large and light as the sun pours in through the windows. It is adorned with pictures, posters and plants, and maintains its original features with carvings in panels above the bar.

Just around the corner of the bar are two huge amplifiers and a staging area - a sign that this venue is designed for more than just a quiet pint.

Assistant manager Dan Beames is behind the bar to welcome customers as they walk in. To the left of the beer taps is an iPad and a pile of posters which read ‘Save the Hart’.

The posters encourage customers to sign a petition opposing plans to convert the pub’s top two floors from a hotel into flats.

News Shopper:

According to the petition, the plans will make the business “untenable” due to restrictions that will be placed on the pub’s licensing hours.

Owners and senior staff members of The White Hart argue 50 per cent of their profit comes from these late nights, meaning any licensing changes will put profits at risk.

“We’re full up all day on a Sunday but we still don’t make as much money as we do on Friday or Saturday nights,” Dan, 34, told News Shopper.

“In that sense, [late-night events] are an indispensable part of our business.”

The White Hart was given a drastic makeover by brothers Patrick and Joseph Ryan two-and-a-half years ago.

News Shopper:

Speaking to News Shopper, Patrick described how he and his brother set out to make the pub a “welcoming” place to visit while supporting independent breweries.

“We only serve craft beers. We opened up a kitchen and started supporting the community, putting on DJ nights with DJs from Goldsmiths and all over south east London,” he said.

Freeholder The Wellington Pub Group has submitted an application to turn the top two floors of the pub into four flats.

The petition claims that if these plans go ahead, the pub “won’t be able to survive.”

In just over a week the campaign has racked up more than 1,700 supporters - and Dan is hoping to hit the 2,000 mark in the next few days.

“People are very responsive, mostly because this is a community venue.

“If you searched for The White Hart five years ago, there was community protest against the pub,” he added, paying tribute to how the Ryan brothers have transformed the site.

News Shopper:

“We have a really nice base of customers. Everyone is really kind and you can see from the pub, it’s a comfortable place to be.”

Dan, who has 15 years of experience in the pub trade, began working at The White Hart 18 months ago after his previous pub in Camberwell closed when developers moved in to convert the site.

He told News Shopper staff are concerned about job losses if the pub goes under.

“It’s obviously a worrying thing to happen. Most of our staff are casual – they’re students who are doing a couple of shifts a week.

“For the owners and management – yeah I’m concerned. It’s also disheartening that it’s happening to so many venues in London.

“We’re all very good friends and everyone gets on very well. The campaign is something we’re all focused on and happy to get involved with.”

News Shopper has contacted The Wellington Pub Group for comment.