Councillors have signed off on plans to turn a HMO in Erith into a care home for residents suffering with mental health problems.

The property in Pembroke Road was first earmarked as a potential care home in 2006, but has been listed as a HMO since then.

A HMO is a building featuring at least four bedrooms used by unrelated individuals.

These set-ups have grown a reputation for anti-social behaviour and poor management, but they are seen by some as a key way to tackling the housing crisis, with a growing trend in houses being converted.

Officers told councillors that the property had been mistakenly classified as a HMO, with it already offering supported living.

The new care home would be bigger than it is at the moment, and would support people between 18 and 65.

Councillors were told that three members of staff working throughout the day and another two or three during the night.

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Officers at the council earmarked the plans to be approved at a meeting later this week despite concerns from neighbours.

In a report, officers said: “The number of people living at the property will increase from five to eight, which is not considered to result in any significant increase in noise or disturbance.

“The premises will be fully staffed at all times and will provide a useful service for local people.”

Councillors silently approved the plans at a meeting on April 11, along with schemes for a new Sikh temple in Belvedere.