A pair of childhood sweethearts have celebrated an incredible 76 years of marriage at a care home in Chislehurst.

Henry and Alicia Nolan, 95 and 94, first met when they were both children and their friendship eventually turned into a courtship.

They married in April of 1943 during the Second World War when Henry was in The Royal Air Force.

He was granted special leave for just one day to marry "the love of his life" Alicia.

The wedding cake was covered in white paper and filled with fruit and sugar donated by family and friends because of wartime rationing.

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After the war, they moved to Sidcup where they lived with Alicia’s parents.

They have five children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Henry is a resident at RMBI Home Prince George Duke of Kent Court in Chislehurst and was visited by his wife for their wedding anniversary this month.

The pair celebrated the milestone with wine and flowers.

Henry moved to the care home four years ago and said his marriage was still going strong.

"You cannot beat it," he said.

Alicia joked that the secret to a happy relationship was to "let him think he is always right".

Sue Goodrich, activities coordinator at the care home, said: "It was a real privilege to be able to help Henry and Alicia celebrate their 76 years of marriage.

"To stick together through thick and thin for so many years is an amazing feat. They’re an inspiration."