Town centre wardens are set to return to Eltham for the first time in over 18 months, it has been confirmed.

The twice-a-week patrols come as the council reviews the best way to manage “limited resources”.

Town centre wardens had patrolled Eltham until 2017, when services were scaled back so Plumstead could be given more priority.

During 2018 and so far in 2019, patrols had not been scheduled for Eltham – instead focussing on Plumstead, Woolwich and Greenwich.

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Eltham councillor Spencer Drury has raised the issue of patrols in Eltham at recent council meetings, and has since had confirmation a new policy to cover four town centres was to be brought in.

He said: “I am really pleased that by raising local people’s concerns about the lack of town centre wardens there has been a complete change in policy and we now have confirmation that Eltham will be treated in the same way as other town centres in the borough.

“I hope that these patrols will help deal with issues like anti-social behaviour on the High Street and allow the local police officers to spend more time in other parts of Eltham.

“I am genuinely grateful to the council officers who have helped me establish how misleading the initial statement about regular patrols in Eltham was and have now put in place a new, more effective policy.”

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Cllr Jackie Smith, cabinet member for community safety and integrated enforcement, said the council’s enforcement wardens are a “limited resource”.

She said: “As an important but limited resource, warden patrols have rightly focused on areas in the borough where environmental crime was most prevalent.

“As part of our new approach to integrated enforcement, we are reviewing our services and ways of working to achieve the best results for residents.

“In the interim, we have introduced a minimum patrol plan for Woolwich, Greenwich, Eltham and Plumstead.

“Each of these areas will receive a two-day-per-week patrol, with additional patrol capacity available for tasking by council officers for any emerging issues.”