A man caught subletting his council home in Lewisham while working in Birmingham as a solicitor has had his criminal sentence upheld after a failed appeal.

Rahand Raza, 39, appealed the 12-week sentence, which was suspended for two years, after he was prosecuted in Bexley Magistrates' Court in May of last year.

He was living in Birmingham when he spent over three years illegally subletting his council home.

Kevin Sheehan, executive director of customer services, said: "Social housing is vital for those people who are in genuine housing need and we will always prosecute those who try to cheat the system."

The judge handed him a suspended jail sentence under the Prevention of Social Housing Act and Mr Raza was ordered to pay legal costs of £5,000.

He also had to pay back his profits of £3,496.

Lewisham Home’s Tenancy Audit Team became aware of the subletting allegations when people were seen moving out of the home.

It was later found that Mr Raza applied for the "right to buy" scheme while others lived in the flat.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has been made aware of the conviction.