Free wi-fi is to be introduced into some of Bexley’s town centres in a bid to boost the borough’s infrastructure.

Measures to support the council’s ambitious growth target of 31,000 homes and 17,000 jobs by 2050 were signed off by the council’s top team at a meeting on April 10.

As the council prepares for the introduction of 5G internet, it is signing a deal to introduce free public wi-fi in “key town centres”.

Peter Craske, cabinet member for places, said: “If you do nothing town centres will fall behind. We have driven this digital infrastructure forward, we are going to be one of the first councils in the country to offer free wi-fi in our town centres.

“Wherever you go there is free wi-fi so it is only right that we do it. We have to keep ahead of the issues and be at the forefront of it.”

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The council is also working with both BT and Virgin Media to move towards a 100 per cent coverage of superfast broadband, with just 85 per cent of households currently getting quick internet speeds.

Council bosses said the wi-fi will be controlled if necessary to crackdown on anti-social behaviour, especially in Bexleyheath Broadway.

The free internet is expected to be available in Bexleyheath, Welling, Sidcup, Erith and Crayford and Bexley Village.

Also on the agenda to improve the borough’s infrastructure is the introduction of new electric car charging points.

The council has narrowed it down to 13 sites, with 26 charging points available for increasingly popular electric vehicles.

Councillor Alex Sawyer, the cabinet member for communities, said: “Sadly in Bexley we suffer from poor air pollution.

“Although I don‘t expect an increase in electric vehicle use to solve our problems overnight it is a great start and reductions in car use as a result of better transport links will help too.”