A chirpy Southeastern train driver who "made the day" of a Hither Green passenger has said he finds it "rewarding" to make people laugh.

Dieter Strasser, who works out of the Orpington depot, has been a train driver with Southeastern for three years.

He has been noticed by passengers across south east London for witty comments he makes over the tannoy.

Laura Roberts was travelling on the 11.36 service from Hither Green to Charing Cross one Sunday when she noticed Mr Strasser's sense of humour.

According to Miss Roberts, he made several jokes throughout the journey, including asking passengers to give Southeastern a five-star review on TripAdvisor for "the most thrilling ride" of their lives.

On this journey, he joked the service was a fast track to Sevenoaks - but passengers were getting their money's worth because the train would stop at every station in between.

Laura said: "This guy clearly woke up on the right side of the bed and we definitely need more of these guys."

Speaking to News Shopper, she added: "I think it's great. Nothing worse than having a bored, monotone driver talking over the tannoy.

"He made my day anyway, always refreshing to hear someone cracking jokes."

Mr Strasser, who is originally a carpenter by trade, said: "I usually wish passengers a "good morning" or a "good evening" and wish them a pleasant day at work, or a good start to their weekend.

"On Valentine's Day for example I would include the following: "Happy Valentine's Day. Please feel free to hold hands and lovingly gaze into each others’ eyes, but I will draw the line at any kind of smooching on my train!"

"Or leading up to Christmas: "Please make sure you take all your personal belongings with you when leaving this train. There is a limit on how much lost property I can wrap up as Christmas presents for my friends and family!""

He added: "I feel if you can make people laugh, it can set their journey and day off on a good note."

Mr Strasser said he felt "blessed" to do his job and be able to make people's journeys a little bit more fun.

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