A devastated Bromley councillor from New Zealand has shared inspiring advice in the wake of a far-right terrorist murdering dozens of Muslims as they prayed last month.

A 28-year-old man is accused of live-streaming atrocities at the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, where 50 worshippers were killed on March 15.

The lone gunman wounded 50 more Muslims during the attack, the deadliest in the country’s history, and for which he has since been charged.

At a meeting last night, Bromley councillors condemned the attacks and the subsequent rise in far-right hatred being seen across the globe.

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Speaking to a motion put up by the opposition, Lincoln Uni - just south of Christchuch - alumni and Conservative councillor Gary Stevens shared inspiring thoughts on how to move forward.

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Cllr Stevens, the only councillor from New Zealand in Bromley, said: “I actually went to university in Christchurch and went past one of the mosques attacked each day. It’s really shocking for all of us to see what occurred.

“I’ve spoken to many people in New Zealand about what occurred. The people in Christchurch have responded with such incredible kindness. That is the message that has come across and that is absolutely correct.

“There is a lot of anger as well. He picked a very sweet country and a beautiful city that already had its heart broken in 2011 with the earthquakes. It’s truly despicable.

“There have been reports of a number of terrorist incidents across the world including at Commonwealth countries. Unfortunately those haven’t raised as much coverage.

“With instances like this, we all feel a sense of helplessness. What can we do? The lead can be taken from what’s happened in New Zealand in terms of kindness. We can all be kinder to each other.

“I hear about events like this and I hug my two boys more. I’m even nicer to my wife. To a wider scale, we can just be kinder to everybody and take that across as an individuals. It’s a small thing, but little acts of kindness to each other is what we can do to combat this.”

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Cllr Stevens amended Labour’s motion, shortening it and adding condemnation to other attacks in Kenya, Nigeria and Israel.

The changes were not completely accepted by Labour, who wanted to keep the crux of their motion focussing on supporting the Muslim community – proposing an amendment to keep their original statement the same while including the Tory offer.

Speaking to the original labour motion, opposition councillor Simon Jeal said: “I thank the main religious leaders in Bromley for the spiritual leadership they have shown since the attacks and for the solidarity shown with the victims of this horrific violence.

“I ask us as councillors, representing everyone in our wards, to reaffirm our steadfast committal to supporting and keeping every Bromley resident safe. These atrocities will not divide us.”