Developers are eyeing up a coveted spot of land at The Bridge business park in Dartford to build a new, three-storey care home.

The Bridge project, a joint venture between Dartford Council and industrial developer Prologis UK, aims to redevelop the entire former Joyce Green Hospital site and incorporate a mixture of new homes, businesses and open, public space.

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According to an investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism published last month, the entire site was purchased for more than £36 million in 2015 with the intention of complete regeneration.

Now, housing developer Montpelier Estates is looking to construct a 79-bedroom care home for the elderly and for those suffering with dementia in Brunel Way.

According to a planning statement lodged by the developer, the proposed facility would include dining and day lounges, hairdressing facilities, a bistro and a cinema for residents.

Its statement notes the intention of creating a "a high quality care home" while citing an apparent need for accessible care homes in Dartford, stating that the borough "lacks good provision for local residents wishing to remain close to friends and family."

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The project has already garnered some local support from interested residents, however the issue of parking throughout the development process has been raised as a shared concern.

One neighbour noted parking spaces are already stretched in Brunel Way and arrival of construction workers who may drive to work could worsen that problem.

They wrote: "The allocation in the plans for parking for those working and visiting the facility are not sufficient.

"Thirteen spaces allocated for 26 staff will not be enough.

"The only public transport to the area is via the Fastrak A which at peak times is struggling to support the amount of demand from users often resulting in full buses that are unable to stop to

collect passengers.

"Unless there can be a requirement for the care home to recruit locally all i can see is the overflow parking onto an already congested Brunel way for staff and visitors."

Another neighbour, who also supports the project, echoed this concern stating nearby public transport links may not be practical for those visiting or working at the proposed care home.

They wrote: "Just because we have a bus service and are not far from the station doesn't always mean it is practical to use."

The plans have been submitted and will be considered by the council.