A teenager remains in custody after he allegedly "threatened to stab" a boy during a robbery outside a TK Maxx store in St Mary Cray.

The victim, 14, was forced to hand over his phone and bike in Cray Avenue just before 5pm yesterday (April 7) before police nicked the suspect shortly after.

An anonymous parent reported on Facebook: "He was threatened that he would be stabbed if he didn’t hand over his possessions, so luckily he just handed it over."

The parent said they were feeling "so sick and bad" about not being able to protect their child who could not always be "wrapped in cotton wool".

They also advised kids that "goods can be replaced" unlike lives and to always give up possessions when threatened with violence.

A police spokesman told News Shopper: "The victim, aged 14, was approached by a man who threatened to stab him if he did not hand over his belongings.

"Officers spotted a man nearby who was riding a bicycle which was similar to the one reported stolen. The man, aged 18, was chased and was arrested on suspicion of robbery in Marion Crescent."

No knife was seen during the incident and the suspect remains in police custody.