Three men were arrested in Welling last night on suspicion of vehicle theft after a cunning police sniffed out all three suspects who had been hiding in a bush.

Officers received reports of two stolen mopeds being located in an alleyway in Lingfield Crescent near Falconwood to which a unit was dispatched.

However, upon arrival a number of juvenile men were spotted fleeing the scene.

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Unfortunately for the three men in question, sharp-nosed Tigger, a police dog, was hot on their heels and managed to track all three men who had hidden in bush behind a nearby school.

During the search, one of the three men was bitten by the police dog while the other two were arrested by officers.

According to the Welling Police Facebook page, the man bitten by PD Tigger received assistance from paramedics but refused to be taken to hospital.

Since the arrest, all three men have been released pending forensic testing.