The Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley is a multi-faceted wonder hidden in the depths of south-east London and this week we are finding out just how special it is.

The 1950s-style ballroom opposite Crofton Park station is one of the last of its kind.

Designed by Henley Attwater with a simple barrel-vaulted auditorium, it first opened in 1913.

It was later fitted with a sprung maple floor so you can dance all night without feeling it on your feet.

We spoke to Jayne Wills, one of the people that help to make the Rivoli the respected place it is.

What makes the Rivoli special?

I think the Rivoli is special because of the history it holds, not only as a historical building, but the memories made within the walls of the venue.

I always get lots of emails from people who met and have married from the ballroom from various decades, such as recently an email from the granddaughter of a couple who met on a night out at the ballroom in the 50s.

The ballroom always creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, everyone is welcome and connected through dancing, be it ballroom, jive or disco. This is why the Rivoli is special, because it holds a connection locally to the community as well as people travelling far to dance here.

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Are there any rumours of ghosts or famous stories about the Rivoli?

Yes, there have been sightings and feelings of ghosts. Myself I have experienced it while I was setting up for the cinema night, a shadow of a young boy on the screen, and then suddenly disappeared. As well, at night there's footsteps within one of the bars, it's a bit creepy locking up on your own.

What’s the best time to come and visit? Is it suitable for everyone?

There are so many different events on all the time at the Rivoli and we also hold events from Goldsmiths University just down the road. Crofton Park Pictures host a pop-up cinema night at the Rivoli Ballroom typically over three nights every month. Doors open at 8pm and the film begins 8.30pm. There is also an event called Rouges at the Rivoli, which is a new cabaret night on the forth Saturday of each month.

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How old is the Rivoli?

The Rivoli Ballroom first opened as a music hall in 1913, then was a cinema in the 40s and became a ballroom in the 50s.

Any secrets you can share about Rivoli?

This space is also used a lot for filming, such as BBC's Luther. Keira Knightly was also here recently filming a new comedy coming out soon.

We would love to hear about all your memories of your time at the Rivoli. Email then to