Hundreds of people took to Facebook last night after hearing a very loud "explosion".

It was however the demolition of Littlebrook Power Station in Dartford.

A 10-second controlled demolition brought down the “D" station turbine hall at approximately midnight last night (April 4).

The timing of the event coincided with a short rolling road block on the Dartford Crossing so as not to distract drivers crossing the bridge.

An exclusion zone was set up around the perimeter of the power station to prevent as a safety precaution.

The complete demolition of the site at Littlebrook is projected for completion in 2020 with further demolitions to be carried out later this year.

Residents are advised that any dust produced during the event is "unlikely" to travel from the exclusion zone and does not pose a threat to the public's health.

So, it wasn't the world ending or the Dartford Crossing crumbling, just the next steps in the demolition of Littlebrook.