A young man striving to bring an "Aladdin’s cave" type shop back to its former glory says the support has been "phenomenal" since taking over in November.

Minns Stores has been in Burnt Ash Lane since 1962 but its future was placed in peril last year.

News Shopper:

Trade was poor and stock was sparse, prompting an application to turn the historic Sundridge Park store into a restaurant.

Jakson Keeler, 20, a local of 10 years, was one of many objectors to this proposal.

"People didn’t want to see it go," the now owner told News Shopper. "People banded together and signed a petition and the plan was rejected.

"Me and my mum saw it as a great opportunity and I always wanted to start my own business."

Mum Tracey, a long-time businesswoman, bought the store with her son and kept its original name.

Jakson is a former business and finance student who has spent the past few years working various jobs in Bromley.

He said they maintained the Minns Stores name out of respect to something that he described as a "real staple of the parade".

"People were chuffed when we took over," he said. "We have had a lot of people coming into the shop to thank us for saving it.

"It would have been missed."

He added: "I would describe it as an Aladdin’s cave. There is a lovely old fashioned charm about it."

Jakson was keen to tell residents the shop is now fully stocked with everything from gardening materials to homeware products and a new gift section has also been introduced.

He said: "The place became run-down and a lot of old customers got fed-up of constantly being turned away because of not having what they needed.

"We really want to get it out there that we have got it all now, and we look forward to another fifty years in business."