A dad is offering £3,000 for a hypnotist to make his son switch from supporting Tottenham Hotspur to Arsenal.

The London-based father said that his wife isn't aware that he is doing this in a recent post on Bark.com.

This desperate plea comes after trying everything he can to persuade the six-year-old to support the red North London side.

The request was posted on Bark.com last week, but so far has had no responses from hypnotists in London, prompting the father to launch a public appeal.

He states that he has recently received a 'bonus from work' and is willing to pay £3,000 to any hypnotist who can make his son support Arsenal and carry on his family’s tradition.

He says that his son is six years old and despite his best efforts, has been swayed towards Spurs by some of his friends at school in the last six months.

The ad states that his infatuation with Tottenham started last year after watching Harry Kane win the Golden Boot at the World Cup.

Hypnotists can apply here.

He explains that his family has always lived in London and have traditionally been passionate supporters of Arsenal until his son decided he wanted to switch to Spurs.

The dad also said that his wife doesn’t know he’s doing this, and says ‘it’ll be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission’.

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