A young mum's tragic story of child loss has inspired a Swanley company to immortalise the late toddler on one of its lorries.

Beth Ranger, 22, from Dartford, lost her daughter Mia-Rose after the two-year-old choked on some food last year following a family day out with her siblings.

It was after hearing her heart-rending story that Mark Luck Ltd, a waste removal company based in Swanley, agreed to name one of its new lorries after Mia-Rose along with having her face painted onto the side of the vehicle in her memory.

Speaking to News Shopper about the harrowing events of that day, Ms Ranger expressed her shock of how a lovely day in her life could turn into the worst in a matter of seconds.

"It was a normal, hot day, we were just in the park together.

"We didn't get home until quite late so the kids were obviously quite hungry so I just put on some cocktail sausages, thinking nothing of it.

"Next thing I know my little one started choking," explained Beth.

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After an ambulance crew arrived and failed to remove the food lodged in her airway, Mia Rose was quickly rushed to hospital but unfortunately had suffered serious brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

She spent time on life support before sadly passing away in July.

Ms Ranger described her ongoing heartache as she continues to juggle visiting her daughter's grave every week, along with looking after her other children, who are seven, five and a newborn.

"I go to the cemetery every week but my little boy finds it too hard to go.

"People always ask how I make time to go every week but she's my daughter, I don't need to make time," she said.

Since then, still-grieving grandfather Tony Ranger got in contact with Mark Luck Ltd which agreed to the mural and lorry-naming as their shocking story had touched a number of staff members quite deeply.

"When I got the email back I start crying again.

"I know people lose kids and family all the time but this really knocked me for six," said Mr Ranger.

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When asked about the company's kind gesture, HR manager for Mark Luck Ltd, Rachel Archbutt said: "Most of us have young children and thought it would be a really nice thing to do to keep her memory alive.

"Our yard man died from a heart attack last year and to pay our respects we named a lorry after him and also purchased a defibrillator for our site.

"Also our managing director Ken Luck passed away and we named a lorry after him so it is something we have done in the past.

"It was good timing that we have recently acquired a new lorry and hadn’t decided on a name yet. We name all of our lorries for good luck."

Ms Ranger is now looking to raise awareness for mums about the dangers of choking hazards, particularly with small foods.

"I don’t want it to happen to another child.

"You don’t think something like this will happen to your child until it does," she said.