Mum's the word in this week's selection of photos from the News Shopper Camera Club.

We asked members to share pictures of their mums, other mums, themselves if they're mums or just anything else that represents motherhood.

As you can tell from the photos here taken from the contributions, people had some interesting and poignant interpretations of the theme - and it wasn't just about human mums.

If seeing these great pictures has got you inspired to grab your camera and be creative, you too can get involved very easily.

The News Shopper Camera Club is a group on Facebook for people looking to get their photos published online and in print.

Now with more nearly 800 members, the club invites people to share their best photos from around the south-east London and north Kent area, as well as talk to fellow photographers, join in projects and enter our competitions.

If you’re an enthusiastic amateur snapper, you can request to join after searching for News Shopper Camera Club on Facebook.

Once accepted, you’ll be able to add your pictures to the group, join in the conversation and contests and also possibly have some of your photos used in the newspaper or on our website.