Some of Sidcup's youngest and brightest budding reporters have received high praise for their writing ways with the likes of the BBC expressing interest in their work

Burnt Oak Junior School has been running its Journalism Club since September, promoting pupils' views and writing skills through their innovative monthly child-led digital newspaper, Burnt Oak Buzz!

The current team at Journalism Club includes pupils acting as sub-editors responsible for areas such as sports reporting, food and illustration.

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Sub-editors help to edit pages ahead of publishing, as well as mentor new members of the team.

News Shopper:

Last week, the junior journalists were visited by members of Bexley Council communications team to recognise and celebrate the outstanding quality of journalism being produced by the pupils.

Speaking on the team's progress. Buzz! editor Lorraine Smith said: "We have loved giving writing and digital creativity purpose.

"Empowering the children to lead ideas through to publication has brought together the whole school community.

News Shopper:

"Pupils are naturally aiming further and widening their thinking, sharing their voice like never before.

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"Levels of enthusiasm and dedication in Buzz! reporters and children freelancing has been amazing, with confidence soaring as a result."

Bexley’s public health advisor for children and young people, Pascale Berthellet said: "Burnt Oak Buzz! is informative, comprehensive and eye-catching."