A dog is going to be rehomed after being found neglected and starving in a Charlton flat.

Police were called to the Peabody property in Cedar Crescent on March 18, after the landlord needed to do a gas check and became concerned for the welfare of a dog in the home.

The landlord was made aware by neighbours that the tenant of the property had not been seen in a while.

After the RSPCA said there was nothing it could do, police attended and heard the dog barking weakly

News Shopper:

Officers then went into the flat and found a Jack Russell, which hadn't been cared for in a while.

A spokesman from Charlton police said: "We went in but the dog didn't seem too bothered that we were there, like normal dogs.

"She cowered, but didn't seem to have the energy to make a fuss."

News Shopper:

Police found a squalid flat with faeces all over the floor, and the dog appearing not to have been fed for several days.

According to police, the tenant of the flat was known for disappearing for days on end.

The flat was "unlivable and disgusting", a place "you have to wipe your feet as you leave".

The female Jack Russell had sores all over her back and her tail was very damaged.

News Shopper:

She is now in a kennel and will be rehomed as soon as she has been given treatment and has found new owners who love her.

The police officer told News Shopper: "She is obviously a very lovely tempered dog and it really tugs at the heartstrings.

"We had to go out to the pet shop because she was so hungry."

The owner has now been served an eviction notice to leave the property.