A 90-year-old woman was the target of an "abhorrent crime" this week on Bromley High Street.

Bromley MPS said a suspect was arrested for attempted robbery after allegedly trying to snatch the pensioner's handbag.

They described it as an "abhorrent crime" and said the suspect was detained after CCTV footage was reviewed.

An officer for Bromley police told News Shopper the attempted robbery happened around 2.30pm yesterday afternoon.

We will update you once we know more about what has happened with the police suspect.

It proved to be a busy day on Bromley High Street yesterday after a 50-year-old man was arrested after a stop and search.

News Shopper:

A Bromley MPS statement read: "More positive stop and search that has taken place tonight in Bromley High Street one knife recovered and off the street with the 50 year old male who had it on him out of the rain and keeping dry in a cell in custody."

News shopper has contacted Bromley police and we will update you once we know more about the two suspects.