Word on the street is there are many superb photographers in the News Shopper Camera Club.

In fact, based on the work shared in our Facebook group, some of which you can enjoy here, we think they are streets ahead of the field.

If you like seeing photos of everyday but fascinating scenes, then this selection will be right up your street.

While the streets of south-east London and north Kent might not be paved with gold, they still provide plenty of opportunities to capture some really interesting scenes.

If you haven't guessed already from the overload of idioms, the word 'Streets' was the theme for our most recent competition in the camera club, as we asked members to submit entries showing snapshots of daily life.

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The man of the street - or our editor - chose Sally Devincenzi as the winning photographer for February for her rainy day picture taken in Greenwich. She wins the £50 monthly prize.

If seeing these amazing photos has inspired you to get involved, you can find the News Shopper Camera Club on Facebook and request to join.

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Now with more than 770 members, the club invites people to share their best photos from around the area, as well as talk to fellow photographers, join in projects and enter our competitions.

The camera club is a two-way street and each week we choose a selection of our favourite images to share with our huge audience in the newspaper and on our website.