A mum with two disabled children has been left "absolutely devastated" after her car window was smashed twice in one week.

Samantha Walsh, 47, has lived in Millmark Grove in Brockley for two years and her car has now been targeted four times in four months.

Burglars ripped open written letters to her nan in Ireland and stole an expensive bottle of Paco Rabanne perfume at the start of the week.

Samantha has six children, one suffers from brain damage and another from bipolar disorder.

Vauxhall replaced the glass yesterday afternoon before the very same window was smashed last night.

"I just burst into tears straight away," Samantha told News Shopper. "I can’t believe this is happening to me.

"It is just absolutely devastating. I am so angry. They know where I live, and they have been through my private letters.

"I don’t know how they are smashing it without me hearing."

Other cars were reportedly vandalised in Brockley last night and police have been informed.

Samantha will have to pay another £109 to fix the damage.

"I am not claiming it on my insurance because it will make it go high. This is already a high crime area so it’s expensive enough as it is."

Samantha said she no longer feels safe in Brockley after a troublesome two years.

"I honestly hate it," she said. "I have lived in a crime area before in Woolwich and I didn’t have a single problem.

"I was broken into here three months ago too. I don’t feel safe here."

Samantha’s children had to travel late to school in Bromley on the bus this morning because of the car break-in.

No valuables were left in the car last night but Samantha believes a professional thief is responsible.

Police officers will visit Samantha on the weekend to discuss the case.