A little girl says she wants to send her pollution awareness posters to the Queen after they had a positive impact in Biggin Hill.

Bella, seven, was walking with her mum when she questioned why she could smell and taste fumes outside Biggin Hill Primary School.

News Shopper:

"My daughter asked me about it," Briony Truman told News Shopper. "I’m no expert. But I explained that pollution was bad for the environment.

"I said it was not good for our lungs but didn’t go into major detail."

Little Bella was inspired to make a poster, which her school was happy to advertise outside the gates to discourage drivers idling.

This comes after Public Health England asked for drivers outside schools to turn off their engines when waiting for their children.

Bella has designed more posters which business owners in Biggin Hill have promoted in their windows.

"She is quite excited," mum Briony said. "We drive past one and she will tell people 'look I did that, that’s me'."

The curious child is now planning to make posters to deter littering, before eventually sending her good work to the Queen.

Briony said her daughter’s drawings have been well received, and that some drivers have commented they think of the poster when they park and remember to switch their engine off.

"We are not targeting anyone," Briony said. "This is just awareness and education. We are not expecting anyone to stop driving or anything like that. I have a car.

"It’s saying that there is no benefit to keeping engines on. People do it without thinking."

The mum’s final message was for parents across the UK to stop idling and to help the climate by cutting the engines to save money and health.