Burglaries have spiked in Greenwich as new stats show increases in crime across the borough.

A task group has been set up following a surge in break-ins at the end of last year.

It comes as new figures show 606 burglaries were reported in the last quarter of last year, compared to 427 in the period before.

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Crime in general saw an increase from January to December of 0.7 per cent, compared to the rest of the capital which experienced a two per cent rise across the board.

Burglary, domestic abuse and theft from vehicles made up the majority of the rise locally.

According to a new report: “Following recent increases in burglary in Greenwich, a partnership burglary task group was set up in October 2018 between the police and council.

“The group has produced a burglary action plan that sets out a plan intended to reduce this crime in the borough.”

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Cops from Woolwich Riverside have been “cocooning” hot-spot areas where burglars have struck.

Police have hit the doorsteps, offering advice to neighbours and telling them how the burglary was carried out – all done within two days of the crime as that is the most likely time the crook will return.

Total reported crimes increased from 6,564 to 6,734 in the last period for 2018, notably knife crime, robbery and hate crimes.

Hate crime has surged from 305 to 452 – an increase mirrored nationally.

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In November a borough command unit replaced the previous policing set-up, merging Greenwich forces with Lewisham and Bexley.

The report explains: “This will be a considerable change for Greenwich as we move towards sharing police resources across three boroughs, working with a new command structure and an overall reduction in police numbers.”