A woman out walking her dog was left "horrified" after discovering a fox she used to feed had been killed.

Christine Connolly, 59, was walking along the back of Weigall Road in Lee on Sunday when she found the dead animal which had been "burnt".

"The fox has been snared by the green wire, burnt and then placed on top on a large bin on show like a trophy," the distressed resident told News Shopper.

Some of the images found in this article could be distressing for readers.

Christine said she felt "quite scared" and immediately recognised the fox as one of the animals she fed daily.

She added: "You don’t know who is doing this. Is there a psycho walking around? That’s how it starts, killing animals and then it gets worse and worse."

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Woman attacked by fox in Eltham while on her way to work

Christine, who has lived in the area for 20-plus years, has been feeding foxes in her nearby garden for a long time.

She described them as "beautiful" and said she feeds them to make sure they are looked out for.

"I don’t like seeing them manky and not properly fed. I like seeing their fur and their tails all lovely."

Christine said it was the first snare incident she has heard of in the area and hopes it doesn’t become a trend.

News Shopper: News Shopper:

"I was really shocked," she added. "Who would do that to an animal?"

The walker contacted some animal authorities but was apparently told that not much could be done.

"I just thought this needed to be highlighted and for people to know this has happened," she said.