A grieving daughter has been left devastated after finding her father's grave destroyed by a container which fell on it only two months after his burial.

Sandra Williams told News Shopper of her shock when she arrived with her sister and mum to find her dad's grave at Watling Street Cemetery in Dartford in disarray with freshly laid flowers and flower pots all strewn across the ground.

News Shopper:

"We had already gone down to the grave on Monday (March 4) to lay down some fresh flowers and we had it looking nice.

"My sister had driven up from Folkestone to go and when we went again on Saturday, there was this container thing on the grave.

"Two bunches of flowers were strewn and the rest we found at the foot of the grave.

"All of us just burst into tears and I ran from the grave over to the hut but nobody was there," she said.

News Shopper:

Sandra's mother was also there to witness the sight of her husband's grave in tatters, something which Sandra said left her "sobbing her poor eyes out."

Dennis Drew, 89, passed away from double pneumonia at Darent Valley Hospital on New Year's Eve, after spending the majority of his life living and working within Dartford, firstly as a milkman before becoming an insurance broker in his later years.

Proud daughter Sandra described her dad as a fighter who had come back strong from illnesses in his old age.

"In August he had a main aortic valve replaced and we were told by doctors to expect the worst but then out of nowhere he bounced back.

"He was an amazing man," said Sandra.

News Shopper:

Sandra also told of how they had were secretly planning a surprise 90th birthday partner for their dad for next month before his unfortunate passing.

Sandra said she will be seeking further answers on the damage to her dad's grave and has been in contact with MP for Dartford, Gareth Johnson.

"We are going to take it further as to why it happened.

"I understand that a gravedigger has to dig but they didn’t have to go over my dad’s grave.

"We are all still grieving and it is still very, very raw.

"We couldn't even leave the flowers we bought on his grave, there wasn't room. It isn’t fair and it’s totally disrespectful," she said.

A Dartford Council spokesman said: "It is sometimes necessary to work around existing resting places when preparing new graves but our staff are hugely aware of the need for sensitivity when doing so.

"Our practice is to construct a frame to straddle existing graves to form a platform from which to work but in this case a collapse of ground caused the frame to move a few inches and fall upon on two graves below.

"It’s a very regrettable incident and we know it must have been upsetting to arrive to pay tribute to a loved one to find the frame and the container it was supporting in such a place.

"The council will naturally reinstate the grave and make contact with the family to ensure they are content with what we have done.

"Cemetery staff know only too well how much it means to people to visit lost loved ones and take enormous pride in the service provided at Watling Street.

"This was an unfortunate event and we will do our very best to ensure that any repairs are completed speedily and with care."

Council leader Jeremy Kite also said he attended the site on Monday and has been in touch with the family to reassure them the grave will be restored with care.