Men pretending to be police officers have been targetting elderly people across south-east London and north Kent.

An investigation involving the Met and Kent forces is ongoing after numerous reported incidents that police believe are linked.

Kent Police said: "Officers have arrested three people following reports that a group of men had been impersonating police officers before stealing from homes of vulnerable people."

The arrested men, aged 18, 21 and 42, and all from Hackney, were detained in the early hours of this morning (March 7).

They were arrested in Hackney on suspicion of burglary and remain in custody.

A woman took to Facebook earlier to warn others after her elderly mother was targeted last night (March 6) in Eltham.

Emma Louise Firth said: "A man knocked at my pensioner mother's last night posing as a policeman, he ordered her to open the door but thankfully she didn't and she became suspicious as his anger worsened."

The woman continued saying the man eventually left and the police were called to Footscray Road.

Another woman in New Eltham said: "Happened to my neighbour last night about 11.30pm on Blanmerle Road. She is an older lady on her own and heard thudding outside that woke her, she was asleep in the living room.

"Someone then rang the doorbell at the front. She took her stick with her and opened the door a bit, and a guy claimed to be undercover police."

Luckily, again the woman was clued up and said that unless she saw a badge she would not let him any closer and shut the door.

Kent Police received five reports on March 3 and 4, with each one stating three men had knocked on doors in and around Dartford claiming to be plain-clothed police officers who were investigating a nearby burglary.

They are believed to have presented the victims with a fake warrant card before being allowed into the properties.

As a result of these visits numerous items are reported to have been stolen, including jewellery and bank cards.

For advice about bogus callers and rogue traders click here.

Eltham police has given some advice to those who are worried about people knocking on their doors.

Police will always show you their badge.

If they do not then ask and if they still don't show you then shut the door and call 999 or 101.

If you don't want to answer the door, you do not have to.

Actual policemen are always willing to come back at another time if you are uncomfortable.

Anyone with information about the above incidents can call Kent Police appeals line for Medway on 01634 792209 quoting crime reference XY/46/41046/19.