An elderly woman whose home was raided by burglars shortly before Christmas has received a welcome hand from some kind strangers to help refurbish her new home.

Last December, News Shopper reported the story of Eileen Harper, 84, whose Eltham home was burgled while she was away at a nursing home after suffering a broken hip.

Eileen was "devastated" after thieves stole her and her late husband's wedding rings, her engagement ring and around £200 in cash.

News Shopper:

Eileen Harper, 84

After her home was left in a horrendous condition by burglars, Eileen did not want to return as she felt unsafe.

After spending more time in the nursing home, Eileen was allocated a bungalow to move into, but it was in need of remedial works to make it more habitable.

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Upon reading Eileen's heartbreaking story in News Shopper, 16 Freemasons from the Province of West Kent made a spirited response to help make Eileen's new house a home, following a fresh appeal for help from Eileen's daughter, Jane Andrews, in January.

News Shopper:

The group of good samaritans helped transfer all of Eileen's possessions from her old home to the new bungalow, as well as fitting her new washing machine and carrying out a number of "handyman" type jobs about the home.

The group also gifted Eileen with a new cooker, which they also installed for her.

Speaking on their altruistic act, provincial grand master of West Kent Freemasons, Mark Estaugh said: "Members of the Province of West Kent were both shocked and appalled to hear of Eileen’s plight, following her daughter Jane’s online fundraising campaign.

News Shopper:

"I was delighted to accompany 16 fellow West Kent Freemasons when they attended Eileen’s new bungalow, to prepare it for her return.

"We wish her a speedy and full recovery and all the very best for the future after her dreadful experience."

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Eileen's daughter was also present during the works and was blown away with the support given by the Freemasons, as well as her mother's neighbours.

News Shopper:

She said: "Without them (Freemasons) and the community we would never have gotten her back into a home.

"She’s very frail but pleased to be out of the nursing home."

The Masonic Province of West Kent has around 4,500 members and is based in Bromley Common.