Plans to construct more than 150 new homes near North Kent College have been quashed after the council deemed the project "inappropriate".

Earlier this month, News Shopper reported plans by Bellway Homes to demolish a number of vacant buildings on the western side of the college campus to create 156 new homes, including 65 brand new houses while the rest would be an assortment of apartments.

The works were also to include demolishing parts of Kingsfield Mansion, a Victorian-era house which was converted into the Bergman-Österberg Physical Training College by Martina Bergman Österberg in 1895.

However, although receiving bountiful support from nearby residents which included a petition, it was decided by borough councillors to refuse the property developer's application on a number of grounds, mainly the negative impact the development would have on the Green Belt.

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According to council documents, the buildings were deemed an "inappropriate development in the Green Belt which results in harm to the openness and the purposes of the Green Belt which has not been outweighed by very special circumstances."

Their reasoning also noted that the proposal did not include enough affordable housing to meet local needs and council policy, along with the loss of a playing field which is often used for sporting events.

Although Bellway's plans were denied by concerned councillors, a separate application submitted on behalf of the college seeking permission to erect a new education building for college use received the support of the council at last week's meeting.

The College's new two-and-a-half-storey academic building, which would be primarily used by students studying performance arts and digital design, would contain three dance studios, a musical theatre, a refectory, a rehearsal room and a venue space, among other academic facilities.

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However, this new centre is to be entirely funded by proceeds from the release of the western campus to Bellway.

North Kent College and Bellway Homes did not acknowledge requests for comment regarding the refusal of their application and whether or not it would impact the development of the proposed new facilities.

However, referencing the council's approval of their application for the new education facility, a spokeswoman for North Kent College said: "We were delighted that our proposal to create a new Arts Building received unanimous support from the Dartford Council Planning Committee.

"We were pleased to hear that Dartford councillors really valued the contribution that the high performing North Kent College brings to the Borough and how this proposal would further enhance the outstanding reputation the College has for its Arts courses."