A political party says it will remove the unlawful fence around a green space in Brockley Rise next week if the landowner doesn’t take it down sooner.

Lewisham Council issued an enforcement notice after residents raised concerns about the "horrendous" fence which was put up without planning permission last month.

The green at the junction between Brockley Rise and Duncombe Hill contains trees subject of a tree protection order (TPO), which stops any works being carried out without obtaining the council’s consent.

However, John Hamilton, from Lewisham People Before Profit, was concerned that the landowner Investor Alliance Ltd had until April 1 to take the fence down – and could appeal the decision.

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He said the group had written to Investor Alliance Limited, but there were at least a dozen locals and members of Lewisham People Before Profit who would take the fence down if they did not get a reply before next Saturday.

“If they [Investor Alliance Ltd] put an appeal in before that first of April it will take another nine months [to get it down],” he said.

“That could mean it would be up there for 12 months.”

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A local resident who did not want to be named said they wanted the fence taken down "immediately."

"We want it taken down like yesterday. It is absolutely horrendous."

Response to the local issue has been “huge” with more than 5,000 people signing a petition which calls on the council to remove the fencing immediately and to confirm the TPO to ensure permanent protection of the trees at this site, Mr Hamilton said.

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This showed how residents were feeling “taken for granted” when changes were made to their local area without any consultation, he said.

Concerns have also been raised over the future of the land as residents fear it may become the site of a new development. However, no planning application has been lodged as yet.

Lewisham Council has been contacted for comment.