From England winning a penalty shootout to Donald Trump coming to town, Ladywell artist Tim King drew it all.

The reportage illustrator recorded events in 2018 as they happened, whether he was in a bar in Lewisham watching football or jammed in the middle of a protest in central London.

He now has an impressive collection of 365 sketches, representing what Tim described as a "year of extremes".

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Tim, a freelance worker, also completed the challenge in 2016, something he said was the first "crazy year", mainly due to Brexit and Trump taking the White House.

"Just as many crazy things happened last year," Tim, 30, told News Shopper. "But I think things became normalised and people have become desensitised."

Being from Lewisham, many of Tim’s sketches show the ordinary things he saw while out and about.

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He said: "I did quite a lot in Lewisham. For people’s reactions during the World Cup I was usually in a pub in the area.

"When England scored the sketch will look quite rushed and there’s arms going everywhere, but I think that’s nice.

"You look at the drawing and get a sense of how quick that moment was. Other times I will be in Hilly Fields and it might take 40 minutes to draw a picture.”

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Tim also captured ordinary life in Lewisham, from shopping, what people eat to the rise of homelessness.

All of his sketches, whether he used scraps of paper, leaves or coffee cups, were created outside of his home.

"I did a lot of regular stuff like on buses and trains," he explained. "They might not seem interesting now but in years to come it will be interesting to look back on.

"For example, if your grandparents had drawings of their lives that would be nice to look at."

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Tim’s favourite sketch was during the visit of Donald Trump, when thousands of protestors marched across London.

He said: "I was working in Soho and I left at 4pm and the streets were just packed.

"I had never seen anything like it. I went into the middle of the crowd and started drawing and walked to Trafalgar Square with all these people in costumes."

Tim said reflecting on his picture brings back the energy he felt on that day in July, a month he described as "bonkers".

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Days when he felt under the weather were some of the easiest days to draw, according to Tim, who would use Lemsip packets to sketch on.

People can enjoy the collection in its entirety during his Drawn on Real Life exhibition at the Deptford Does Art Gallery from February 22 until March 3.