A graphic designer is spending his free time creating a 3D map which will show what Bromley looked like in 1863.

Dan White, 41, from Bromley Common, said he has always had an interest in the borough’s history.

"When they were building The Glades it really inspired me," he told News Shopper. "You got to see the visuals of what it looked like."

Dan described his "pure passion" for graphic design and explained how being partially sighted left him struggling with traditional subjects and sport in school.

"I struggled seeing the blackboard but art was always something I was good at," he said.

Every other day he is spending time on his personal project, a 3D map of the town he grew up in.

He is currently working on the Bromley South area and said progress is going well.

"Thank god I can zoom on the Mac," he joked.

"I am excited to know where else it’s going to go. I don’t have a deadline but I want it done as soon as possible.

"It is really interesting to go back in time and see what it would have looked like when the railway was only a few years old and the buildings were brand new."

THEN (Dan's map)

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NOW (Google Maps)

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Dan is using historical archives such as newspapers, old maps and 19th century books to help him create a realistic representation.

He is also keen on others to see his work and hopes they will enjoy old Bromley brought to colour.

The full-time graphic designer specialises in 3D visualisation, illustration and image retouching and you can follow his progress via his website here.

Dan added: "People seem really quite fascinated and there have been no negative comments, they are just so curious."

He chose 1863 because going back any further would have involved too much historical guess work.

The main areas the map will cover are Market Square, High Street, Bromley South and Masons Hill.