In the latest part of our Talk of the Town column, Bromley Town councillor Nicky Dykes discusses a subject that constantly concerns people - speeding drivers.

Is there more speeding on our roads or less tolerance of it?

Bromley has the second lowest number of accidents per mile of road in London, however, despite a continual reduction in people killed or seriously injured on our roads, we are seeing an increase in concern regarding speeding and its impact on safety.

While the council’s education and engineering measures have been successful, we are seeing communities becoming more active on the issue of road safety – specifically speeding.

The data tells us our roads are safer, but do they feel safer?

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As a councillor I am lucky to work with many different groups in the community and the passion and dedication that there is to help make our roads safer is humbling. Whether it’s parents coming together to make their children’s journey to school safer or residents joining the police to undertake speed checks, the community is saying it is not prepared to put up with speeding on our roads.

The council undoubtedly has a key responsibility here and the approach is working. Since the 2005-09 baseline was established, accidents have reduced by 52 per cent - the third highest reduction in London.

This is welcome news, but how do we tackle the minority that still like to speed on our residential roads? There are already tough penalties in place if you are caught speeding. But how about if it becomes socially unacceptable? If our community tells us they won’t accept it anymore?

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Judging by my inbox and the increasing community-led campaigns – speeding is an issue that won’t be going anywhere fast. These are our roads and as drivers, pedestrians or cyclists we all have a role to play. Many residents are already involved in schemes to tackle speeding in their communities - I look forward to joining you!