Police had to intervene when angry residents confronted contractors who tried to erect a phone mast in Lee without permission.

Vodafone applied to install the 15m phone mast in January but was told the application was invalid due to incomplete information.

The company has now sent the correct information, but the application was only validated on Monday (February 11).

Despite not having permission, contractors tried to erect the mast and cabinets at the junction of Winn Road and Guibal Road at the weekend.

"I think there is totally disgust and outrage," one resident, who didn’t want to be named, told News Shopper.

News Shopper:

He said the mast was a "complete eyesore" and said residents had safety concerns.

"People have concerns over health," he added. "The World Health Organisation takes a different view to the distance these masts should be from human habitation."

Police were called to the junction on Saturday (February 9) to calm the situation where up to a dozen protestors confronted workers.

The resident added to News Shopper: "Eventually they went away, but the contractors said they would be back."

Lewisham Council confirmed Vodafone did not have permission and said action could be taken following its investigation.

A spokesman said: "Following concerns raised by residents last week that work was being carried out to erect a phone mast, a planning enforcement investigation was opened and is ongoing.

"While the developer has submitted a planning application to erect the phone mast it hasn’t been through the planning process yet and a decision hasn’t been made.

"Any work which has been undertaken without planning permission is done so at risk and may be subject to formal enforcement action by the council."