People in Greenwich have complained of being "trapped" in their homes due to traffic gridlock blamed on the new Ikea store.

Last week, hundreds braved the wind to wait outside the new store to get the first glimpse inside.

However, despite the celebration, there have been concerns about the increase in traffic to the area which the huge shop will bring.

Ikea has branded the new branch, based just off Bugsby Way, the UK's first fully-sustainable store.

Managers have been urging customers not to bring their cars, instead using their taxi services and public transport.

Store manager Helen Aylett said: "We are here for a reason, because we want to be more accessible to people, especially being so close to the city centre.

"Not a lot of people around here actually own a car so we chose this site to make it as easy as possible for them to travel."

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But despite the pleas for people not to drive, there have still been fears that the 32,000 square metre store near to the Blackwall Tunnel Approach will create traffic problems - and the first weekend since its opening has not allayed those worries.

Mark Lockheart told News Shopper: "The traffic since Ikea opened last Thursday has caused complete gridlock to the area particularly on Sunday.

"We were unable to get out of our road on Sunday due to complete gridlock around Trafalgar Road and the roundabout underneath the flyover.

"People were getting out of the buses and walking.

"Ironically inside Ikea there’s promotion material going on about air pollution and the tranquility of their roof terrace whilst all around it's complete traffic chaos."

A woman, who didn't wish to be named, said: "It’s such a concern for us given the already terrible traffic conditions in the area and lack of capacity at existing river crossings.

"There was a sign on the weekend saying the Ikea car park was full - how long until people start parking on local residential roads and we can’t park either?"

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Motorist Alex McWhirter likened the area to Heathrow due to the tunnel and "the lack of decent infrastructure".

He added: "As long as everything is running smoothly it works, but as soon there's an issue, whether it's too great a traffic flow, or an accident then problems emerge."

Responding to the weekend's traffic complaints, Ikea store manager Helen Aylett said: "We are aware that there was an increase in traffic near our Greenwich store and the surrounding areas on Saturday and Sunday.

"In addition to it being the opening weekend of our new store, we know there were a number of other events which added to increased traffic throughout the weekend including an event at The O2 and a local football match.

“We’re committed to being a good neighbour and we are working together with the local council, TfL and Highways Agency to manage traffic in the area.

"We also had a traffic management team in place to support with the flow in and out of the car park."