A Bromley teenager who had a skateboard chucked at his head during a vicious period of bullying says he wants to help others.

Elliott Wright, 16, has an army of 17,000 Instagram followers and starred in Stacey Dooley’s latest documentary The Nine to Five.

He is now a student at the prestigious Brit School, after enduring years of torment in Hayes.

"I have always been different," he told News Shopper. "Kids don’t understand that. I didn’t come out as gay then, but I think it was obvious.

"I was getting cyber-bullied but the physical bullying was worse."

Elliott began comfort-eating in response to the abuse before fat-shaming resulted in him becoming bulimic.

His bullying got so bad that Elliott once considered taking his own life at a train station.

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The turning point came during a Spanish exam, where Elliott collapsed due to a lack of sugar.

He was rushed to hospital before being transferred to a psychiatric ward.

Elliott started documenting his recovery on social media and was eventually welcomed to the Brit School, where he now uses performing arts to help young people with their mental health.

"I talk about things people are not comfortable talking about," Elliott said.

News Shopper:

One particular highlight for Elliott was when he recently spoke for the mental health charity Mind in front of singer George Ezra.

"My dream is to do what I’m doing now on a bigger scale," he said.

"I would like to do TV presenting and be known but to be known to make a difference."

He says he is the first gay teenage boy in the UK to be a social media influencer for women’s clothing.

Elliott’s motto is "haters are my motivators" and said the more stick he gets the more it motivates him to be himself.

If you're struggling with your mental health, the Samaritans line is available 24 hours a day on 116 123.