An academy in Bexleyheath has been plunged into special measures after it was found to be praising incorrect answers, giving kids primary school work and its students were partaking in racist and homophobic bullying.

Bexleyheath Academy in Woolwich Road has been blasted by Ofsted and rated ‘inadequate’ – the lowest rating a school can be given.

Expectations are so low at the academy that Key Stage 4 maths students have been given work “typically associated with the primary school curriculum.”

According to inspectors, the school is “failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education” and “leaders are not demonstrating the capacity to improve the school.”

The curriculum at the school is not good enough, according to the watchdog, and expectations and targets are way below par.

Ofsted said: “Teachers’ expectations of what pupils are capable of are too low. Pupils are typically given the same work to do, regardless of their ability. The most able are given work that is too easy for them.

“For example, in Key Stage 4 mathematics, pupils are given activities typically associated with the primary school curriculum.

“Pupils do not take pride in their work. Pupils’ work in exercise books and folders is often poorly presented and unfinished. This goes unchallenged by teachers who typically accept low standards.

According to Ofsted, teachers themselves have “poor subject knowledge” and have even praised kids who gave wrong answers.

Despite having a number of different headteachers Ofsted said leaders have not taken action to make improvements – claiming standards have fallen for “several years”.

According to the school’s inspection report, published last week: “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is very limited. Leaders do not ensure that pupils develop an awareness of the opportunities and challenges they face outside school.

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“A significant minority of pupils, parents, carers and staff who responded to the Ofsted online surveys, and those who spoke to inspectors during the inspection, said that bullying is an issue in the school. This is also shown in the school’s own records and includes racist and homophobic bullying.”

Governance at the academy is “inefficient”, with leaders not being held to account and parents not feeling their concerns are effectively dealt with.

The report adds: “Although there is a culture of safeguarding in the school, inspectors observed pupils behaving in an openly defiant way.

“Pupils are concerned about the negative impact of the behaviour of some of their peers on learning and how this leads to an unsettled feeling around the school.”

Ofsted rated the sixth form at the academy as “good”, with teaching and attendance being praised in particular.

Bexleyheath Academy is larger than the average-sized secondary school. It converted to an academy in September 2011, being made part of the Academies Enterprise Trust.

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A spokesperson for AET said: “Bexleyheath Academy’s recent Ofsted inspection was disappointing, and reflects how much work there is still to be done to improve the quality of education for 11 – 16-year-olds.

“In contrast, Ofsted recognise the sixth form as being ‘good’, and we are working hard to replicate the success we have had there to the rest of the school.

“As Ofsted recognise in their report, we have increased our support to Bexleyheath Academy significantly over the last 12 months.

“We are 100 per cent committed to ensuring that all of our academies deliver an education that helps young people go on to lead remarkable lives, and the changes that we are making will build on progress already made and help make this vision a reality for local families.”