Plans to build a new house on open land in Keston have caused a stir with neighbours concerned about losing light.

Developers want to build a two-storey, five-bedroom house on land behind Commonside.

Neighbours have objected to the scheme, claiming the new building would be overbearing, overlook on their properties and out of character with the area.

One neighbour esponded to the council: “This building is not in keeping with the conservation area, not to mention the destruction of local wildlife. I strongly object to this application.”

Another neighbour said: “I agree that additional housing is needed to meet demand in London but I believe that this development is inappropriate and too large for the plot in this location.

“One house will make a negligible contribution to Bromley’s housing targets in comparison to the other larger scale developments that are taking place in the borough.”

In total, more than two dozen objections have been filed with the council over the contentious plans.

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Willow Town Country and Planning proposed the new home, claiming the site has been misused over the years and become a hotspot for “dumping litter and garden waste.”

In a statement, the developers said: “The proposal does not result in any harmful effect on the significance of the Keston Village Conservation Area.

“The proposal contributes to the variety of built form within the village and is appropriate in height and design given the properties location and relationship to neighbouring buildings.

“The proposal would not result in any harmful impact on the amenity of neighbours, highway safety, protected species or trees.”

Planners at Bromley Council have earmarked the development for approval at a meeting on February 14.

In their report, officers said: “It is considered that the proposed scheme is acceptable and that the development would not be detrimental to the character and appearance of the locality or conservation area.”