A grainy picture of a truck has been released by Bromley Council in the hope a suspected rogue trader can be tracked down.

The truck is believed to belong to a perpetrator who cold-called vulnerable residents in Shortlands.

Residents were targeted on the morning of January 28.

A man claimed to be working in the area and said he noticed roof tiles that had slipped into the gutter.

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One call resulted in a resident being "grossly overcharged" for minor repairs.

The person responsible remains at large and residents have been urged to be vigilant.

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Councillor Kate Lymer, executive councillor for public protection and enforcement, said: "We would like to urgently talk to the driver of this vehicle. If you have any information about this, call our Trading Standards team.

"Unfortunately there are individuals who are untrustworthy and prepared to take advantage of others. Please be extremely cautious on the doorstep and do not be taken in by these individuals.

"If you know someone who may be seen as older or vulnerable, please take time to draw this sad incident to their attention.

"Hopefully together, we can help prevent future incidents from happening. We will always investigate reports of rogue traders participating in doorstep crime, seeking to protect residents and consumers."

Anyone with information such as a registration plate or the trucks whereabouts is asked to report it to the council’s trading standards team on 07903 852090.