Transport for London has responded after yet more delays to the Woolwich Ferry relaunch.

The river service was suspended in October to allow for improvements to be made.

Two new boats are set to replace the old fleet and make services more reliable and comfortable for customers.

The new boats will use a high-tech mooring system at Woolwich and North Woolwich piers.

They will be called the Ben Woollacott, after a former deckhand who died working on the ferry and the Dame Vera Lynn, after the legendary singer from east London.

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The service was set to start up again in December, but this has been continually pushed back until this month.

TfL said more "extensive testing" needed to be performed before it could open a full running service.

The Woolwich Ferry started a limited service on February 1, but a couple of days later the service came to a halt.

Dave Fisher, head of river services at TfL, said: “We reopened a limited service on the Woolwich Ferry last week following the completion of our improvement work.

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"We have had to suspend the service while engineering works to repair tidal damage to the berths are completed.

"These repairs require access to the ferry terminals at all states of the tide and our contractors are working hard to complete this work as quickly as possible.

"We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and we hope to be running a service soon.”

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