For this profile of a News Shopper Camera Club member, we put the focus on Susan Grimes from Bromley.

If you’re inspired after reading about her photography and seeing her pictures, you can get involved too by joining our group. Search for the News Shopper Camera Club on Facebook.

Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

I have always enjoyed taking photos, even before the age of digital. I think photos can bring a memory to life.

Are you trying to express yourself or make a point with your photography, or is it just for fun?

Really just for fun. Three years ago I joined the South London Photographic Society, a camera club is Forest Hill - have made some good friends and the club is full of members eager to share their knowledge of photography. Plus the club is very social and has regular meets on a Monday evening, also regularly meets up for walkabouts.

What’s the story behind your favourite photo?

Never really had an interest in wildlife until I joined the Camera Club, however that has now changed. I have seen and photographed some weird and wonderful, insects, birds and animals. My favourite picture of Kabu the gorilla was taken at Port Lympne, while on a safari bus, a very lucky shot.

Do you have any advice for budding photographers?

Don't get hung up on equipment, the best camera is the one you have with you. Don't get disheartened, if you want to improve use YouTube for advice or better still join a camera club.

Is there anything you’ve not photographed yet which you’d love to capture one day?

Would love to go on a safari to photograph animals in their natural habitat.