Council officers are to review the lack of security measures at Bostall Woods car park after a second woman in nine months reported being raped near the site.

Earlier this week, News Shopper reported a woman in her 20s had been raped by a man inside a car in the vicinity of Longleigh Lane, Abbey Wood at approximately 3am on February 3.

Last May a 47-year-old woman was raped in the same car park after being driven there from Plumstead High Street by three men.

Speaking on the new incident, Greenwich Council's cabinet member for community safety Cllr Jackie Smith said: "We are deeply saddened to hear about the incident that took place near Bostall Heath and Woods car park over the weekend.

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"In light of this, we have increased staff presence in the area and will continue to do so."

When asked about the current security measures in place at the car park, Cllr Smith said the space is located in a "natural setting which is not serviced by CCTV cameras or street lighting", noting it lies just off a minor road which has two street lights opposite the site.

On whether the council has plans to install CCTV cameras or other security measures, a spokeswoman said: "Council officials will be conducting a location visit to assess potential opportunities to further improve safety and security in the area.

"This will include looking at broad range of measures that may be available to us."

However, one angry Abbey Wood resident has argued there is a serious lack of security measures around the entire surrounding areas of the woods.

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Steph Ratcliff, a 29-year-old community support worker from Commonwealth Way, said she was assaulted while walking through a path near her home beside the woods.

"I was on the way through to get to the bus stop when the guy was walking towards me.

"I didn’t think nothing of it at the time, I just kept walking to the side to keep out the way.

"Within seconds of him walking past he grabbed my bag and as he did he jolted my arm which I’m in a bit of pain from still, and while doing that he bruised my jaw and just ran away.

"I'm just grateful that I didn’t have any of my children with me at the time.

"It’s one thing having to explain to them the bruises but it would have been so traumatic for them to witness this happen to me," she said.

News Shopper:

Ms Ratcliff expressed concern for those who use the woodland paths as she feels they are not safe to "walk around on your own" and that more patrols could help prevent future incidents.

"I would have imagined during daytime this sort of thing wouldn’t happen yet sadly it does no matter what time of day, light or dark.

"Something needs to be done for the safety of people that use it," she said.