Parents have been warned as police investigate a claim that two children were "approached" by an adult on their way to school in Thamesmead yesterday morning.

A letter sent to parents by the concerned headteacher at Linton Mead Primary School outlined that the kids were walking through Green Haven Drive when the incident is said to have occurred.

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In her letter, head of school Sarah Lewis said she has asked pupils to avoid walking to and from school on their own and to try and walk with at least one other person and for parents to re-enforce this idea at home.

"I have spoken to all children in years 5 and 6 to remind them how to keep safe when walking to and from school without an adult," she wrote.

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She also wrote: "Although we know the children are growing up and an increase in responsibility and independence is beneficial in the lead-up to secondary school, it is our job to ensure they are fully prepared to do this safely and confidently."

Thamesmead police have been contacted for an update.