One bright spark from Welling whose Christmas lights attracted plenty of attention over the festive period has reached his target of £12,000 which will go towards providing clean water to an African village.

Archbishop Jonathan Blake hosted the colourful display outside his home to raise enough money to have a water pump installed in the Gambian village of Tiaba Nyass, a village which he visited last year.

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News Shopper:

Archbishop Blake's incredible light display over Christmas

Now, having reached his target, Mr Blake is excited at sharing the news with Water for Africa, a charity dedicated to providing clean drinking water to villages across the continent.

"It is a wonderful, heartwarming and uplifting expression of the genuine and sincere desire among people to care for others.

"Through the Christmas lights, now 500 children and their families will have access to clean, running water near their homes.

"It will transform their lives, keep them healthy, feed their livestock and irrigate their crops. A small village, thousands of miles away, has been blessed by the humanity and the large hearts of our community," said Mr Blake.

News Shopper:

The archbishop with members of the Tiaba Nyass village in Gambia

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The archbishop said told News Shopper the inspiration for his fundraiser came after he spent time in Tiaba Nyass with his sons, meeting the community and experiencing first-hand the struggles they face on a daily basis.

"The levels of poverty are unimaginable. Unless you go there, you won’t believe it.

"Out of the 890 people living in the village, 400 of these are children so it's so important we do this," he said.

Archbishop Blake intends to return to the village in March, along with Water For Africa, to oversee the installation.